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Wine Wednesday!

I love wine.  Red, white and rosé (in that order). I keep it simple at home: wine fridge, decanter, aerator and the occasional use of an airtight wine stopper.

About a year ago at a wine tasting room in Napa Valley, I discovered a multi-functional gadget that looked like a stopper but claimed to aerate, filter, pour and re-cork as well.  I gave it a whirl and eureka! The Haley’s Corker is an effective and durable tool invented  by J.E. Haley in the USA.

Haley's Corker

Haley’s Corker

If your local wine shop does not carry Haley’s Corker, you can purchase it online. Check it out – I am sure that you will love it!  www.winecorker.org

Please note that I was not compensated by Haley’s Corker for this post.  My hope is to simply spread the gadget invention love! 

There is nothing common about Boston Common

I luckily just had the opportunity to stroll around Boston Common and The Public Garden (the oldest park in the United States) to admire the fall foliage. The photo of the equestrian bronze statue of George Washington under a crystal blue sky was taken from the Arlington Street entrance to the Garden.  The second photo captures the view looking out onto the lake and Arlington Street Church.

Being welcomed to the Public Garden by George Washington

Being welcomed to the Public Garden by George Washington


Boston's Arlington Street Church, Lake & Foliage

Boston’s Arlington Street Church, Lake & Foliage

As we approach the six-month mark since April 15, 2013, I wish continued peace and healing to one of the dearest cities in America.

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