Dishing about a feature in Forbes!

Happy New Year!

I am THRILLED to share the news that I was featured in a Forbes article about entrepreneurial goals for 2019.

As you may know, I am the creator of a patented, thin, easily transportable wearable blanket called RestoPresto. It is my pride and joy: creating it from scratch after I discovered that this “make my life easier” product that I wanted did not exist.

Accelerating the idea of RestoPresto to possessing an actual, patented product on the market rocked my world. It propelled my professional life from corporate to entrepreneurship and completely transformed my personal life.

As my inventory for RestoPresto began to dwindle, I changed my strategy and serendipitously launched my customized advisory business. Once again, I discovered a gap in the market: this time for a trustworthy, empathetic advisor with hands-on experience of bringing a new product to market. This offerings of this business have expanded from guiding people through the creation process for products to customized plans for business development, Kickstarter campaigns and start-up launches (and many actions & strategies in-between).

Now back to that FORBES article!!! It’s a brief read about my educated decision to seek a business partner in the new year. This is a big shift for me since I own 100% of equity in my company and have achieved remarkable feats on my own. However, with a sold-out inventory, a growing waiting list for RestoPrestos and a solid vision for expansion, I revamped my action plan and decided that additional brains, muscle power & experience are needed to properly grow the product and company.

Click on this hyperlink to enjoy the Forbes article.

Please be in touch if you wish to discuss my plans for RestoPresto, for a complimentary consultation if you (or someone you know) is ready to move forward with a business idea and with ANY questions.

With warmest wishes to you in 2019,

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