I am “the Candi” behind “the Dish”….a Manhattanite since 1994 ….journeying from St. Petersburg, Florida….to Florida State University…..venturing to Firenze, Italia for a spectacular summer Study Abroad Program before receiving a BA in English Literature with a minor in Communications…. re-crossing the Atlantic to Valbonne, France for a “gap year” after graduation….ultimately settling in Gotham.

“The Candi Dish” is a platform for me to share stories, snapshots and suggestions about Manhattan, locales to which I have traveled and an array of things that I deem to be remarkable.

I have exceptional experiences, meet phenomenal people, observe the out of the ordinary, dine on marvelous meals, imbibe wondrous wines, witness incredible acts of kindness and LOVE sharing and connecting.   That is “The Candi Dish”….please enjoy!

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