Dishing 245th Birthday wishes to America!

Dishing Independence Day wishes to my fellow Americans!

American Flag waving over Rockefeller Center, NY

Happy 245th Birthday to the USA! Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Declaration of Independence

245 years ago on the 4th of July, the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted by Congress to formally separate from Great Britain AND the United States was born. The Declaration of Independence, one of the most important founding documents of the United States, is kept safe and sound in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

On a business trip to D.C. for an event a few years ago, I took an early morning stroll along Pennsylvania Avenue (with my easily portable product invention RestoPresto the Made in America wearable blanket, of course) and when I happened upon the National Archives, I had an A-HA, very meaningful moment. Here I was, at this striking building that holds a document that bestows life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I had achieved a very American dream: I switched careers from corporate to entrepreneurship (after the age of 40) when I discovered a gap in the market for a product that I wanted but could not find. I envisioned an easily transportable, multi-functional, soft, water-repellent textile to use how and when I needed it instantly…then through hard, strategic work beset with challenges, accomplishments and several big set-backs, brought it to life! It was subsequently patented and featured on the TODAY SHOW !  As we all know, dreams are universal and not just an “American thing” however when you achieve a business goal in the USA, there is a unique sense of pride since our country is a young 245 years old!

RestoPresto at the National Archives Building

So here’s the thing: since the moment I launched my Kickstarter campaign (which was overfunded in 2 weeks), which also revealed RestoPresto to the market, people have asked me how, what, who and tons of other questions about prototyping, crowdfunding, intellectual property, manufacturing, shipping, branding, PR, social media, marketing and everything in-between. I learned that necessity is the mother of invention with RestoPresto and am now, proudly running a second business…providing customized advisory services for individuals and companies. I help bring business ideas to life: products and services, at any stage, across industries.  I customize solutions based on specific needs to move the project forward. WOW – it is a totally different kind of gratification helping people do what I did with the hope of reducing the headaches and adding firsthand experienced value by sharing my “been there done that” expertise.

My doors are OPEN to work with me virtually AND in person, so please reach out if you are curious how I can help YOU and how we can partner on your project. You can check out my website: and contact me directly:

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