Dishing about The Fab Four

Today is Global Beatles Day commemorating 55 years since The Beatles performed “All You Need Is Love” on the first around-the-world satellite broadcast that reached 5 continents.

A few years ago I was thinking about how important The Beatles’ music is to the world and remembered that I wrote a little piece about this very topic a while ago, so I dug around, found it and am sharing it here:

In 1984, when I was around 13, I purchased the “20 Greatest Hits The Beatles” cassette using my babysitting money. I already appreciated the solo works of Paul, George, John and Ringo and of course was stunned when John’s life was taken away so violently in 1980. That aside, I knew most of the popular songs from the 20 Greatest Hits however I am convinced that they just sounded better on my Walkman because I paid for the album myself. I listened to that tape so much that I wore it out, which prompted me to move on to explore all of The Beatles’ music. Best. Idea. Ever.

Little did I know that the music and lyrics of The Beatles would consistently bring joy to my life, particularly when I needed it the most. Rubber Soul. Magical Mystery Tour. Abbey Road. Revolver…and of course my favorite: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have read biographies, watched documentaries and even walked in the steps of the Fab Four in Liverpool, London and Hamburg.

Their story has so much to do with impeccable timing & simply going for it: forming the band, replacing Pete with Ringo, bravely producing their revolutionary lyrics and sounds in less than one decade; abandoning live performances and even disbanding. All of these factors combined (plus so many more) created an avalanche of groundbreaking music that changed the world.

When I think of their individual childhoods and subsequent collaboration – it inspires me that innovation and changing the game are within my reach.

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