Dishing about a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative insect repellent!


One of my favorite things of all time is a person who discovers a gap in the market AND takes the road less traveled to FILL THE GAP! It’s really tough to do this so I commend the determination & dedication that it takes to achieve product launch success.

An excellent example of this success is Dr. Monica Wood: a surgeon, Multiple Sclerosis ambassador and entrepreneur who is shaking up the mosquito repellent industry with ‘SectAway: an innovative patent pending insect repellent system. Now ‘SectAway needs YOUR support to help fund additional lab testing and for product development!

There are 4 days left, so click here to view the Kickstarter campaign and contribute.

Read below for the full story!

Dr. Wood was inspired to create ‘SectAway when she could not find an easy-to-use, effective insect repellent before a trip to Puerto Rico around the time the first ZIKA case was reported there. This was unacceptable to her so she took matters into her own hands. As a biotech/medical professional, Dr. Wood formulated a botanical, DEET-free mixture and sent it to an independent entomology lab for testing. The tests yielded excellent results that are comparable to national brands of repellent (ummm – AWESOME), which meant that the product is on the right track. To solve the challenge of avoiding sticky sprays and wearing disposable, ugly bracelets, ‘SectAway is worn on handcrafted, special wooden reusable bracelets that hold the mixture: uniting fashion and function! A huge bonus is the decorative storage dish that also acts as a diffuser so you can put next to your bed at night for additional protection. Very thoughtful, eco-friendly, smells great, looks great and is effective.

Dr. Wood is not allowing MS to define her as she tenaciously works towards helping people protect themselves from mosquito-borne illnesses in the USA and around the world. All funds from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards further lab testing and product improvements.

Please consider contributing to the ‘SectAway Kickstarter campaign TODAY to help this new, patent pending product grow! There are only 4 days left to donate! Here is the link:

MOSQUITOES SUCK…dishing about a solution: ‘SectAway insect repellent!


Luckily the SectAway insect repellent system rocks AND you can get your hands (wrists & ankles) on a set by supporting its Kickstarter campaign.

Here is the background:

Dr. Monica Alberts Wood is a hand surgeon who discovered a gap in the market for a wearable insect repellent device that is effective, attractive and eco-friendly so she created it herself and BOOM: the patent pending ‘SectAway was born! 

It’s a botanical, DEET-free mixture that is worn on handcrafted, wooden reusable jewelry. The repellent was tested in an entomology lab and yielded results of 97.5% effectiveness for 2.5 hours so now that it’s confirmed that ‘SectAway is on the right track, Monica is even more committed to protect people from mosquito-borne illnesses and wants to make the product even better. That means that additional lab testing is required. Testing demands FUNDING so she launched a Kickstarter campaign!

Please consider supporting this small business that has a huge heart by contributing to Kickstarter to get your own ‘SectAway device.

Here is the link (or use hyperlinks above) and PLEASE feel free to share this information with your networks. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and thoughtful small businesses deserve as much exposure as possible.

Please note that I am a customer and fan of ‘SectAway. This was not a paid post/endorsement. My hope is to spread the knowledge of ‘SectAway so that this fantastic product will receive Kickstarter funding! 

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