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Happy Friday! 

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As an entrepreneurial, small business owning inventor, I know how powerful “word of mouth” communication is when building a brand. I am grateful for how many people take the time to share their stories and photos showing how they use their RestoPresto mats and how it makes spontaneous and planned events so much easier! Join in!

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Right now there are a handful of RestoPresto mats in stock and  READY TO BE YOURS on so buy today! If you have any questions or comments about this unique and fantastic convenience product, please reach out to the RestoPresto Team:



RestoPresto is a 3-in-1 portable, compact, water-repellent mat that you can sit on, sit under & wear. It fits in your hand when in its integrated pouch and opens to the size of a beach towel. With snaps, drawstrings and loops, the configurations are endless!

Manhattan Moment Monday

Manhattan is a borough chock full of uniqueness.  I am a proponent of looking out and up when walking around the city. There are too many interesting faces, places and spaces to miss if you are looking down.

I derive great joy from the many connections that I make with those faces, places and spaces and had “one of those moments” over the weekend.  I was strolling south on Tenth Avenue in Chelsea when I caught eyes with a stranger who was sitting on the steps of The Church of The Guardian Angel with a notebook on her lap.  The woman asked me if she could borrow a pen for her prayer list that she needed to compile before Mass.  I obliged and handed her a ballpoint pen. She thanked me. I told her it was my pleasure.  As I walked away, I turned back around and asked her if she would add a name for me to her prayer list.  She said it would be her pleasure.

Manhattan is a Life Saver  (I took this photo on a NY Harbor Line Cruise)

Manhattan is a Life Saver
(I took this photo on an architecture tour that circumnavigated Manhattan)


“My favorite thing about New York is the people, because I think they’re misunderstood. I don’t think people realize how kind New York people are.”  –Bill Murray


It is ALL ABOUT YOU…in the Big Apple! The Candi Dish is offering handcrafted guides just for you!


“Fortitude” is one of two marble lions that has “lived” in front of the landmark New York Public Library, greeting visitors on Fifth Avenue, since 1911.

“Fortitude” is one of two marble lions that has “lived” in front of the landmark New York Public Library, greeting visitors on Fifth Avenue, since 1911.

Are you visiting New York for the 1st time? 10th time?  Having a customized plan based on your specific interests and preferences will make your upcoming visit even more memorable.

Have you recently moved to Manhattan or are thinking about it?  An individually designed “Living in Manhattan Guide” written to meet your personal requirements can be yours!

Contact me so that we can discuss details and fees. Let the personalized dishing begin!

Please note that while The Candi Dish dishes out excellent suggestions,  booking services for transportation, shows, hotels or dining reservations is not part of the dishing experience!

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