Food Face Fun Friday!

What are you looking at Bloody Mary (Tyler Moore)??? (Minneapolis, MN)

Bloody Mary Tyler Moore (Minneapolis)

I get a kick out of finding faces and shapes in food.  Pareidolia, perhaps? Whatever it is, I dig it!

I was looking at my Photo Stream and discovered that I have snapped some pretty good shots of “food faces” so decided to combine sharing the pics with my love of alliteration today to make “Food Face Fun Friday”!

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend, Candi Dish readers!

Melba toast tired smiley! (New York, NY)

Melba toast tired smiley! (Manhattan)


“Olive” Your Eyes Greek Salad! (Athenian Gardens, St. Petersburg FL)

“Olive” Your Eyes Greek Salad! (St. Pete, FL)

Emotionless Cheese Toast! (New York, NY)

Emotionless Cheese Toast! (Manhattan)

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