Dishing about RestoPresto: turning a great idea into reality!

I came up with the idea for RestoPresto last year when I was in Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York and am delighted to be on the way to manufacturing in the USA so that this convenient, multi-functional, on-the-go solution will be in the hands of my first customers soon!

It was a “full circle” and validating moment when I was at Sheep Meadow last weekend with RestoPresto! Here is a photo!


The idea for RestoPresto HIT me at Sheep Meadow in Central Park in 2013! Now it is a reality!

The idea for RestoPresto HIT me at Sheep Meadow in Central Park in 2013! Now it is a reality!

The Kickstarter campaign has been going incredibly well and I now understand what my predecessors meant by saying that managing a crowd-funding campaign is a 24-hour job. It is! Since I am a one-person operation, it is challenging to “do it all” but let me tell you, it is getting done AND it is terrific.

I am tenaciously running all aspects of this process so the fact that people will be using and enjoying their own RestoPresto mats in the very near future is beyond exciting and keeps me very motivated. Each day is different, presenting challenges and accomplishments some are expected (most are not) and after the past 24 hours, which were a bit crazy, I decided to take a quick BLOG break to write. I kid you not, at one point yesterday I was simultaneously speaking to one person on my landline, another person on my smartphone, emailing a third person from one laptop and googling on my other laptop! Talk about multi-functioning!


There are 5 days remaining in my Kickstarter campaign so please consider supporting RestoPresto if you have not already done so and definitely spread the word.

Here is a link to my campaign and you can like the RestoPresto page on Facebook; follow @RestoPresto on Twitter and #RestoPresto on Instagram.

As I have said many times, I cannot WAIT to see how my customers RestoPresto!

Ciao for now!


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