There is nothing un-fun about making liberating choices: 45, Single, Child-Free & Joyful!

Have you heard of The Reset? It is a digital home base that launched in early 2017 for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently. It’s a community that marries relevant, relatable content with curated commerce. I love how it provides inspiration, information and ideas for how to be your best self and since it is for real women who live real lives (like me), I double love it.

So you can imagine how excited I am that The Reset published my article: “45, Single, Child-Free & Joyful” today! Here is a link, please enjoy and definitely follow The Reset on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest as @TheResetSocial.

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45, Single, Child-Free and Joyful

Welcome to “The Candi Dish”!

Welcome to “The Candi Dish”!

I contemplated writing a blog for a while and was encouraged to do so by a plethora of people. One dear friend (you know who you are) created a domain for me hoping that this would push me into putting my thoughts and words onto “electronic paper” but I did not take the bait. After a lull, the time has arrived and I am ready to dish!

“The Candi Dish” is a platform for me to share stories, snapshots and suggestions about Manhattan, locales to which I have traveled and array of things that I deem to be remarkable.

I have exceptional experiences, meet phenomenal people, observe the out of the ordinary, dine on marvelous meals, imbibe wondrous wines, witness incredible acts of kindness and LOVE sharing and connecting.   That is “The Candi Dish”…enjoy your stay and please dish back as you wish!

One of my all-time favorite actual DISHES is: Tajarin al Tartufo Bianco. I took this photo in Piemonte, Italy during White Truffle Season.


Delish Dish at Osteria dell Arco in Alba, Italy (during White Truffle Season in Piemonte)

Delish Dish at Osteria dell Arco in Alba, Italy (during White Truffle Season in Piemonte)

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