Dishing about deserving recipients for Giving Tuesday!


Giving Tuesday was yesterday however I think that we all agree that if we are able to do so, giving every day is a beautiful thing…a kind word, a financial contribution, emotional support….

If you need suggestions for deserving recipients of your hard-earned funds, please take a look at my list. Each recipient holds a special place in my heart because I know the Founders of the organizations or the recipients of the funds (or both). Each recipient is legitimate and each organization is a 501c3.

1. MAYA MACEY FOUNDATION – funds provide college scholarships to outstanding students who have overcome adversity in their young lives.

2. BRADY’S SMILE – funds help children (and their families), who are in the ICU at children’s hospitals.

3. Cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy (“SMA”) funds the treatment and cure of SMA, which is the number one genetic killer of infants.

4. SING FOR BLAIR – all funds go to the Sanfilippo Research Foundation (via Susan & Roger Chapin in memory of their beautiful daughter Blair) to find a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome.

5. BORN JUST RIGHT – the mission of this organization founded by Jen Lee Reeves is focused on building creative solutions that help kids with differences live a more enjoyable life.

6. DIRECTLY & PERSONALLY help my lifelong friend, Niki Goodman Ricker who has stage IV Colorectal Cancer and is currently in the hospital. Funds will go to Niki’s medical care and well-being via a GoFundMe campaign.


Philanthropic Friday: “Born Just Right”




The day after Hurricane Sandy struck the New York & New Jersey areas in 2012, those of us whose homes were unaffected, scrambled to find ways to help our neighbors who were affected.   I was quickly unscrambled when my great friend introduced me to the wonderful Jen Lee Reeves via email.  At the time, Jen had just accepted a brand new job working on my friend’s Team, which would require her to travel extensively while running a household and co-parenting with her husband to raise two children (aka the important stuff). In addition to a full and demanding life, Jen decided to dedicate her precious time and stellar social media expertise as a “digital volunteer” for the Red Cross to provide resources to the victims as well as those searching for ways to assist during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Jen, who does not live in New York, connected me to a trove of information, which I was able to pass along to my personal network.  Unscrambled, indeed.

I was immediately drawn to Jen and found her to be very interesting.  To my pleasant amazement, through Facebook, I found out about another important hat that Jen wears.  She has dedicated her life to helping parents advocate for their children born with differences around the world.  Jen founded and runs an organization called “Born Just Right” which includes a blog on which she documents how her family has a positive focus as they help her daughter grow up with a limb difference and offers resources and support to those who need it.  Jen acts as an advocate for the limb difference community and in the 25th hour of her day, fundraises for a special limb difference summer camp.

The Candi Dish invites you to explore Jen’s website and share it with those in the special needs world.  “Born Just Right” has been nominated as a “Best Kept Secret” by a health activist website called WEGO Health, so if you are so inclined please consider endorsing “BJR” by clicking on the “Endorse Jen Lee Reeves” button on the WEGO site:!

For a solid dose of inspiration, here is the link to Born Just Right:

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